Children as co-workers of Jesus 

In a remote village in Kenya many men took Jesus into their lives. What brought about a particularly rich spiritual harvest in Africa last year were the prayers of children! In many African countries, the GO partner “Prayer Covenant for Children” (PC4C) mobilized 750,000 children to pray last May because schools were closed due to COVID-19. Children could also bring in their own evangelistic ideas, which were then printed and implemented. Christians from over 14,000 churches in 36 countries then took part in an outreach in autumn, 264,771 active workers were mobilized for evangelism, 90 percent of whom were children and young people! At the halfway point in mid-November there were around 1.5 million people who heard the gospel and around 53,000 people who accepted Jesus. The intense prayers of the children meant that at the end of the year the number of people reached increased by 272%, to 5.8 million. The number of decisions for Jesus grew by 463% to 301,907 people! 




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