"This is our vision "

All these pictures and many more just arrived this WEEK. The next picture is from Tanzania, where God is doing great things.

Local leaders report, "This is our vision to train our youth leaders from our schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, high schools, and colleges. Who then train other students in their schools to mobilize them to preach the gospel in schools and outside. We meet with Christian student leaders. And 156 student leaders attended the seminar in Mugumu Town in the Free Pentecostal Church Tanzania. We train them with our brochure, "One-minute testimony with 3 steps". After the training, we send them out of the community hall for a test. And finally, we sent them out on the street for 20 minutes. "

The result for this mission:

  • 156 students took to the streets.
  • 450 people were reached with the gospel.
  • 85 people gave their lives to Jesus, we ask for your prayer for this vision in Tanzania. 

We also trained them how to evangelize through social media.





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