Awakening in Gabon: Christians provide more than 100 medical consultations

In the central African nation of Gabon, outreach during Go Month brought Christians closer together. This provides unity, it is seen as a springboard for the next year and one medical outreach created an innovation.


Stanislas Batsielili, national coordinator of the Go Movement in Gabon, says that until now Christians had not worked hand in hand. This has now changed in the current year. Valuable unity among the communities has been created. "This has opened doors for us - this did not exist before."


"Many people found Jesus through the outreaches," Pastor Juvénal Ibadji sums up about a local outreach. "Discipleship classes were able to be opened." Food and drinks were also distributed as part of the outreaches. "We have become visible and found favour in the locality. Four new ones were also baptised."


Woman was able to walk again

Another local pastor tells of another outreach, "We saw the glory of God. There were many experiences, including a woman born in 1987, she could no longer walk. When they met her and prayed with her, she was able to stand up again. She is now a Christian and many more found Jesus Christ through her through this miracle. And her family also found Jesus and they are reunited. Or a person who could no longer speak was also healed.  She too was healed."


And Pastor André Gbamou reports on the work of the different churches in his area: "We worked well together, 400 people found Jesus. The different churches are united in this, we did the work together and we pray together."


Medical outreach

Philippe Yolla, vice-president of the Assemblies of God in Gabon sums up that 4000 people found Jesus during the outreach in the area where he worked. "Now the follow-up work begins. Continue to grow the Kingdom of God in Gabon."

And the work is to continue in the coming year 2022: "The next edition should be even bigger than the first Go Month. By next year, what has started should be strengthened and a national plan should be created.

One innovation has already been developed this year: Le journée medication. Four doctors and five nurses provided a small supply that generated over 100 consultations.


Stanislas Batsielili notes: "We also brought families back together. The next steps are to provide literature and continue the efforts that have been made. And those who found Christ will receive discipleship."




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