“It's not just a wild dream”

“I am always amazed at how God puts a heart for evangelism in so many people around the world,” says Elvin Ridder from GO MOVEMENT.

This first picture shows over 2,500 people in Angola gathering to prepare to win their continent and country to Christ. This is the national congress for evangelism and mission in 2021.

This is exactly what GO DECADE is all about: encouraging people to go out and talk about Jesus. It really happens! It's not just a wild dream. God is there. It is a movement!

"Until it becomes culture, faster than the wind."

Thus, this 7th annual event has shaped the lives of more than 2,500 in attendance and hundreds of people on social networks in Angola and around the world.

The governing body stated, "The culture of heaven is nascent, and until it becomes a culture, we will not cease to proclaim Christ."




GO Movement