Evangelism and sustainable discipleship

Mexico is a country that is very open to the Gospel and where - in view of social tensions - it is also urgently needed. The national GO team has set a goal of mobilizing 100,000 believers from 2,000 churches, beginning at Christmas time, to reach one million people with the Gospel. To do this, one million tracts are to be printed. In Mexico, one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel is to hand out a distribution pamphlet. These newspapers are usually read by many people in a household over a long period of time.
The GO Christmas Project 2021 has two parts: first, street outreach during the Christmas season on streets where help is given to those in need, combined with the Gospel. Then, by the end of January, the aforementioned one million households in Mexico City will be reached.

Because it's not just about conversions, but discipleship, the GO team has set a goal of inviting at least 50,000 people to a discipleship course called "My First Hours with Jesus" - or a similar course, depending on the denomination - within the large-scale outreach. These courses will be conducted by local churches. For each of the 2000 participating churches, that would be an average of 25 people. For the participants, this means five weeks of intensive contact with a church and many personal conversations, new friends, and a thorough introduction to Christian life. In this way, 50,000 men and women will experience a thorough start and a healthy foundation for their new life with Jesus.

With 215 US dollars, you make possible the printing of 10'000 evangelistic brochures and discipleship courses. Thank you very much for your donation!

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