Reaching out to students

Nepal has a population of just over 29 million; over 81 percent of them are Hindus. There are about 10,000 Christian communities and an estimated 1.2 million Christians. Christians in Nepal are eager to share their faith, despite strict laws and massive disinformation campaigns by militant Hindus. For example, we have reports of how certain churches have tripled in size due to the witness of women on GO Day (Global Outreach Day)! Christians are learning to make disciples who then make disciples again. Already we have many reports of such "3rd generation discipleship." This is how the church in Nepal is growing multiplicatively.

The Nepalese "GO Team" has been conducting special outreaches in the country during the Christmas season since 2014 because Christmas is also the time of greatest openness to the Gospel here. This year, the Christmas outreaches are aimed especially at school children, students, and their parents and teachers. Most of them are hearing about Jesus for the very first time. We would like to support these Christmas outreaches in Nepal by printing brochures "The Greatest Christmas Gift Ever".

With high school and college students, this Christmas outreach will reach future leaders and leaders with the Gospel - at an age when they are very receptive to meaning and purpose in their lives. And with them, their environment - their teachers and their families - will also be reached.

With 110 US dollars, you can help to reach 3,333 students in Nepal with the Gospel. Thank you very much for your donation!

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