God's word - and something to eat

The material need in Venezuela has become even greater in the year 2021. Many homes lack the most basic necessities, poor people suffer great hunger. Christians cannot change the political situation, but in the midst of need they can raise up clear signs of God's love. The common Christmas actions within the framework of the GO Movement, therefore, create something across the whole spectrum of communities and movements that people need most of all: Hope. People get a perspective, overcome their social isolation - and are allowed to eat something good for once.

This year, the GO team will again partner with local churches to host special Christmas events where the focus is on sharing the Good News through word and deed. Hundreds of churches will invite people in their neighborhoods to an event where they will experience a good meal, fellowship, and a welcoming evangelistic impulse. Over the past two years, around 1000 people have come to new faith in Christ and been baptized each year during these Christmas outreaches.

Let's help Christians in this crisis-ridden country provide meals so that people can "taste and see how kind God is!" and hope is spread. A meal for one person costs just over one US dollar.

With 48 US dollars, you can give 30 people a good meal - and make them receptive to God's love. Thank you very much for your emergency aid!

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