December 16th | Sierra Leone: Over 10 thousand Muslims saved

Another GO month has sped by and we are grateful to God for the privilege of being amongst the hundreds of thousands of believers who shared their faith on May 29, 2021. We can confidently say this year’s GO month activities were a big success.

In the month of January, we were able to engage major players who had not come on board the GO Movement here in Sierra Leone. By the Grace of God, we had meetings with several Denominations and Organizations that signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become part of the GO Movement in Sierra Leone.

Several prayer sessions were held throughout the Country in order to prepare the spiritual Atmosphere for the harvest of Souls in every District Headquarter Town. A month-long prayer meetings were held in particular churches that ended on Friday May 28, 2021.

We had several training sessions for believers and for leaders who would train others. We trained a total of 138,000 believers: 48,000 were Pastors and Leaders who were trained to train others. The rest of them were about 90,000 believers.

This year, we had eleven new groups fully engaged with the GO Month and GO Day activities in Sierra Leone. A total of 138,000 believers were mobilized, and about 336,000 people gave their lives to Christ. Out of this number, 11,123 were Muslims.

At the time of reporting, 20,118 new converts have been absorbed into existing Churches, new small groups. 22 new Churches have been established. 7,000 Churches and 20 Parachurch organizations participated in this year’s GO Outreach.


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Thu, 12/16/2021