December 20th | Mali: Thousands watch the "Jesus" Film

Several activities were carried out during the Month of Global Evangelism by individuals, communities, churches, denominations, and Christian organizations. These activities included: Door-to-door evangelization campaigns, streamings of the “Jesus” Film and other evangelizing films, distribution of Bibles, New Testaments, evangelical literature, food in prison, and gifts for children.

The main results achieved are:

  • Number of trainings: 2
  • Participants in trainings: 120
  • Participating Christians: 252
  • Number of streamings of the “Jesus” Film: 17
  • People attending the streamings: 5 345
  • Decisions for Christ: 404
  • People Baptized: 202
  • Churches planted: 1

The month of evangelism is a source of motivation, mobilization and encouragement for believers to engage in evangelization.




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Mon, 12/20/2021