December 24th | Costa Rica: Everyone is invited!

Costa Rica has a population of 5,301,712 people, it also has a territory of 51,000 km2. It has 7 provinces, 82 cantons and 488 districts. In regards to the church in Costa Rica, it has been involved in evangelistic and prayer efforts for years as part of a program that seeks to evangelize the entire nation. The National Plan of Evangelization "Conquering Costa Rica - Land of God" has been carried out by a national committee made up of the following Ministries: World Missionary Advancement, The Prayer Movement, Revival for Costa Rica, the International Institute of In-depth Evangelism (IINDEF), and the Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Federation.

For 5 months, the Day of Global Evangelism was motivated and promoted by different Christian media: Newspaper, Radio and Television. This was a great help in motivating the churches and believers.

All the churches of the country were invited to participate in this through the regional coordinators and Christian media where the launch date was announced and information was given about the vision of the movement, training in evangelism and distribution of material. 

Regarding the number of churches that finally participated, these were 1750 that mobilized an average of 30 believers each reaching a total of 52,500 believers who evangelized an average of 10 people each. In this way, a total of 525,000 people were reached throughout the national territory. The reports received indicate that a total of 15,250 people received the Lord as their savior.


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Fri, 12/24/2021