Girl Raised From the Dead

This is the testimony of a father, Ramarson, who works in Ambodimanga village and his daughter Fiderana who was dead, and when her father and mother prayed for her, came alive again. She is now called Lakamisy
Hi, my name is Ramarson, I am an evangelist, and I'm working in the rainforest, in region Group 3. I have a little girl who is six and a half years old. She was sick on Monday, and we took her to the doctor, and the doctor gave her tablets and said she will be okay, take her home.

Early in the morning on Tuesday, she started to speak very softly and fell unconscious and passed away at 5pm that day. She was not moving anymore, and we took her to the doctor again. She was there Tuesday night, the whole day Wednesday, and then some blood came out her mouth. Her tummy was already swollen up. On Wednesday night, there was no sign of life in her, and her body was cold.

At the same time, I was sharing the Gospel with other people in the hospital. I uplifted believers. I told them: "Let's trust the Lord and keep our faith in the Lord because Jesus said even the dead, we will trust and resist for our faith." On Thursday morning, the doctor told us to take her body home and to bury her. Our family said: "Let's wrap her up." And the doctor said to take her home. Then we decided to listen to the doctor, and I carried her on my back. We tied her head and body to my back. We walked home, and it took one hour. You usually have to run with the dead person, that's the way it is done here. They run because the body is dead, you don't have to go slow. So we reached home Thursday afternoon, and we put the body in the house.

Then my wife and I went out. We went to our field. The people said: "Follow them, maybe they might commit suicide." We have 3 children, she was the second last child, and we went to the field. And we started to pray. We prayed like this: "Lord, if it is Your will, if this is the time, she will be with you eternally. But if this is the work of the evil one, show us your sign and let her be alive."

We prayed for about 1 hour, and then we went back to the village where the body was. As we approached, people were telling us: "Your little girl has raised from the dead!" The name of the girl is Fiderana, and she woke up from the dead. And we said: "Thank you, Lord, you heard our prayer!" And then we reached the village and our house. All the people started worshiping and screaming because they were rejoicing to see Fiderana raised from the dead!

She was awake for about one hour, but we could see that her mind was not all there. That night on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and only Monday, she became normal because it took a while for her mind to come back.

When she was at that stage, for those few days, she was not sleeping in the night, and we took her back to the doctor. Then we went back to the doctor, and the doctor asked them if they were coming for the death certificate. I told my doctor: "No, she is alive!" The doctor said: "There is no way, when we declare somebody dead, then they are dead." But I told the doctor that she is alive! Then the doctor said: "I believe in God because He is the author of life." Then the doctor gave me pills that were to help her sleep. But those pills did not work.

There was a priest from an undisclosed denomination. He said: "Your daughter has lost her mind, prayer won't work, you must take her to see a specialist." I told him that the Lord raised her from the dead, and we will pray, and she will be okay. For four days, we kept on praying for her: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On that Monday, she started to become healthy again, and she started singing the worship songs that we sing in church: "Raise up and worship the Lord." That was the first thing she did when she came back!

Then we called her name: "Fideran, Fideran," but she didn't reply. We said: "Fideran!" but there was no response. Then the third time, she said: "My name is not Fideran; my name is Thursday because Jesus raised me on Thursday." We approached her quietly and slowly, and we told her: "You've been sick, and you are alive now! You died, and you are alive now!" Then she said: "No, I wasn't dead, no, it's not true!" She said: "I saw Jesus, and he asked me to be with him, and he took me up." She said that he held her hands, and she said she went with Jesus, and Jesus said: "I will take you to a nice place."

Then Jesus took her to a beautiful place. She said there was a beautiful house that he took her to. She said she saw a lot of people wearing white clothes, and they were worshiping, and she saw Jesus wearing a crown, shiny like a star. Then Jesus asked her to change her clothes, and she agreed. She put on the clothes that Jesus gave her, and it was white and so beautiful and long and reached right to her feet and hands. Then Jesus gave her a crown, and then Jesus took her to another place. She said it was such a beautiful place, and she was hanging around with Jesus. She said there was a tree with beautiful flowers. Jesus said: "This is my creation." and she saw lots of children around the tree, and the children were playing around the tree, and all of them were wearing beautiful white clothes. There were so many children!

But then Jesus told her I'm going to bring you back. Before Fiderana passed away, there was a young boy from the church who passed away, and at that stage, the little boy was four years old. The name of that little boy was Milanaz. While Fiderana was with Jesus, she said she saw Milanaz was playing there as well and was wearing beautiful clothes. She said she didn't recognize him at first, but when she saw his face, she knew it was him.

After that, while they were at the beautiful tree Jesus told her I am going to take you back, but she said no, I don't want to go back, it's so beautiful here, there's no darkness, everything is bright and beautiful, and worship is all the time every day. Still, Jesus said no, I will take you back, and she said no, then Jesus said no, I have to bring you back. Finally, Fiderana said, okay, I will go back. Jesus said, if I send you back I need to take back your white clothes, but when you return I will give you back the clothes. Then Jesus took her clothes, and the crown and Jesus let her sit in that beautiful place. Then Jesus took her back, and when she was back, Jesus left her.

And now she prays for the children in our church. Four children were sick, she prayed, and they were healed. So many people in our church are really touched by this testimony. My church is packed full! When I left when we went to Tana, I had 42 members in my church. After this happened, the glory of God shined, and now there are 65 members. We are also planting a church in another village too.

Now we call her Thursday, and when we share the Gospel she comes with us. People know that she has been raised from the dead. A lot of people have decided to follow Christ after hearing her testimony. She says, "The Lord changed me. I gave my life to preach the Gospel. And I will bring souls back to the Lord, and I will plant as many churches as I can. I believe the community in my area is touched by my testimony and will join the church."




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Fri, 02/21/2020