Global Outreach Day Volunteer Answers a Prayer

Flavia Castro took a cut in pay when she participated in Global Outreach Day. She attends the Assembly of God Church in Bella Vista. She testified to the fact that she gained more by obeying the word of the Lord for the first time.

During Global Outreach Day, she visited a house where she found an old man named Don Ramon, who was handicapped. As soon she arrived, the man said that she was the answer of God to his prayers. He said He had asked God to send angels, and here she was. So, she should let him know what she wanted to share with him.

Flavia shared the gospel that was in the tract, “the Greater Story,” and then told him that they also wanted to clean his house. But God Almighty could clean his life. The old man accepted Christ Jesus, and Flavia was thrilled that the price she paid to share the gospel and care for people in the name of Jesus Christ was not in vain.


Dominican Republic


Global Outreach Day 2019


Fri, 02/21/2020