Broken-hearted young woman restored

Francini is an 18-year-old university student. She lives at Villa Mella North Santo Domingo and attends the Pentecostal Church of Los Guandules, Pastored by José Morel. Her childhood was full of happy memories and moments with her entire family. She and her mother were the only Christians in the family as her mother took her to church from an early age. This made her love the church.

Her life took an unexpected turn when her parents decided to divorce when she was younger.

The news of her parents' divorce broke her, as she was only just a teenager and was not prepared for such a terrible event. Francini suddenly became depressed, rebellious, kept bad company and distanced herself from the congregation and God's call for her. But on the Global Outreach Day May 25th, Francini was approached by a group of Seminary Students who were sharing the gospel thus fulfilling the Go mandate.

Francini's life transformed by seeing her own life reflected in those passionate young people with a great love for God. So, she decided to reconcile herself with God. Francini received the powerful impact of God's love that day, and she became completely free of all depression and fear. She received in her life the pure love that 1 John 4:18 describes, which says: "In true love, there is no fear because the perfect love is not made out of fear."

Now Francini is active in the church and wanted to become a youth leader committed to reaching students for Christ at the university campus.


Dominican Republic


Global Outreach Day 2019


Fri, 02/21/2020