Global Outreach Day 2019 in El Salvador, CA.

World Evangelism Day in El Salvador!

We unite as Church (Iglesia Bautista Internacional Siloé), students of the Lycee Baptist Siloé and CDI 707, parents of family and all that one that wanted to join to preach the gospel.
We held a children's party with games, piñatas, praises and face painting, children and parents of our community were invited from house to house and in turn they were preached of the good news.
We had a free coffee station for all those who were walking on the street, taking the opportunity to tell them about the love of Jesus.
The students also made different posters with biblical and evangelistic messages to show them on the street and distribute biblical tracts.
We also evangelized house by house, one by one in our Colonia Santa Lucía.
May glory and honor always be for God and we pray that those seeds that were sown this day will bear fruit in their time.
Thanks to all who served and joined the great commission.


El Salvador


Global Outreach Day 2019


Sat, 05/25/2019