Leadership + Collaboration

Not one organization can fulfill the Great Commission. Together, in kingdom-minded partnerships, we can achieve more than any one of us would alone. In doing so, we aim at unity with our God-given beautiful diversity; allowing all organizations and individuals called to this task, to fully be involved.

Global Leadership Team

Josh Newell Copy

Josh Newell Copy

Executive Director - JESUS Film & Head of FTT Believer Coalition

Eric Watt

Eric Watt

Founder & President - RUN Ministries


We encourage collaboration and aim at strengthening unity that pleases the Lord and creates a great witness to the world. We try to connect many ministries, churches, denominations, and initiatives worldwide. We aim at uniting all believers in pursuit of our central and purest mission: pray, care share, and disciple.

We do so with a cooperative spirit, helping others to do their part as well, meaning we bring resources and people together for great cooperation for the Great Commission.

Continental, National, Local -Coordinators

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