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Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer à partager l’Évangile.

3 Steps Trainingsheft

Lerne in 3 einfachen Schritten wie jeder Menschen jemanden für Jesus gewinnen kann.

22.06.2022 | Workshop Webinar: «Back to church Sunday»

Back to church Sunday is part of our yearly activity for GO Movement that in the month of September, we encourage every church worldwide to use this momentum to urge believers who have abandoned going to church and also invite new people to attend a Bible-based church in their area.

Zúme – Disciple Making Movement Training

Zúme is training that equips believers so they can become multiplying disciples rather than merely converts. The full training is available in 40 languages at You can select your language in the upper right-hand corner. Zúme is free. It is organized as a ten-session small group curriculum. Personal coaching is also available for free.

GO Train 2022

GO Train 2022

Have you ever felt unable or not sure about how to share Gospel? Join us and ­learn how to do it. Established ­evangelism-coaches share their ­insights and knowledge.

GO Train 2022

GO Train 2022

Haben Sie sich jemals unsicher gefühlt beim evangelisieren oder wissen nicht, wie Sie das Evangelium weitergeben können? Nehmen Sie teil und lernen Sie, wie man es macht. Erfahrene Evangelisationstrainer teilen ihre Erkenntnisse und ihr Wissen.

Travail en cours

Jusqu’à ce que nous ayons fini de travailler sur ce site, veuillez utiliser les ressources de l’ ancienne page d’Évangélisation mondiale ou consultez notre cours rapide des 3 étapes