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In Brazil thousands of people will come together

In Brazil, leaders are hosting big conference where thousands of people come together to pray and plan how they can reach their country, their continent and the world for Jesus. They are passionate and want to make Jesus Christ...

200 war refugees in Ukraine pray for Jesus to come into their lives

In Odessa, Ukraine, over 400 people came to a meeting, reports Werner Nachtigal, founder and president of the GO Movement. “Most of them were refugees from the war zones and of course they all got food for several weeks. Then I preached the gospel and about 200 of...

Christian literature and Bibles are important to have

Christian literature and Bibles are very important for discipleship, a commandment of Christ. Fortunately, there are many books and Bibles in Uganda, and many of them are free. Here is a pastor shopping for Bibles for and Christian books for his church and new...

Now to Benin in West Africa

Now to Benin in West Africa, where they share the gospel through dance. The participants of DRIME Benin write: “Here is the opportunity: DRIME Benin is looking for new employees for its different teams. We are a ministry that uses a special tool: choreographed...

It is very hot in Angola, so people go out in the evening

From a huge conference with thousands of people to the one person walking out in their faith to share Jesus, we are the GO Movement. Since it is very hot during the day in Angola, people go out in the evening to share the good news. Here is a group walking out....

Back to Church Sunday

Participate on Sep. 18th, 2022.
Let’s take the chance to invite a friend, family member or co-worker into our Christian communities and help them reconcile with Jesus and getting connected to a local Christian community.

15.09.2022 | Worldwide Update Meeting

The GO Movement is a worldwide movement to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The vision is simple: "Everyone can reach someone. Together we can reach the world!" Every year at the last Saturday of May, we're calling every believer to reach at least one person with the gospel on the GO Day. You don't need a big event or a famous preacher for it. Just drink a coffee or a tea with your neighbour or a college from work and tell him how Jesus changed your life! You can. Do it!

Various means are used to spread the gospel

Various means are used to spread the gospel of Jesus, including pantomime, as here in Uruguay. It attracts people and makes it possible to speak openly about Jesus.

A march for Jesus

The next shot shows a march for Jesus, making Jesus the theme of the city. People want to know why Jesus is being talked about and this provides a way to tell them about Christ.

Her heart was ready to receive Jesus

Here is a woman who came to Christ in just a few minutes. Her heart was ready to receive Jesus. This is repeated again and again, even in countries that appear to be closed.

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