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Little children going to the streets

This last picture, also from Brazil, says a lot: Little children are going to streets to learn how to share their faith with other children.

God moves through ordinary people

The next pictures show outreaches in Brazil. God moves through ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the power of the Holy...

People break down in tears

This image from Latin America, shows a group of Christians that went out and saw people break down in tears before they even told them about Jesus. The Holy Spirit works there in a wonderful way.

Discipleship course completed

This next picture is from Uganda. These new Christians have just completed a discipleship course. This is happening in Uganda as a result of outreaches during GO Month in May.

Philippines: many children being reached

In the Philippines many children are being reached. A leader from the Philippine GO Movement reports: “We are praying for spiritual multiplication to reach the streets, villages and towns near us. We pray for all Filipino children that they will have at least one...

Offering prayers to passing cars

A motorcyclist stopped in Puerto Rico and met Christians who introduced him to Jesus. Christians were offering prayers to people passing in their cars. These two men on the motorcycle also stopped, overwhelmed by their need for...

Significant church growth in the Dominican Republic

In just 14 years, evangelicals in the Dominican Republic grew from 12 percent to 30 percent. Daniel Oscar, director of the GO Movement in the Dominican Republic: “The GO Movement has been active here for eight years. Professional research shows that the...

GO Movement launches Children’s Day

At the "Billion Soul Harvest" meeting, the leaders of various works thought about anchoring April 14th as a worldwide day in the calendars. On this day prayer should be given especially for children and the gospel should be shared with them. Children should also be...

Young people going out

Finally, another photo from Brazil, shows a large group of young people going out and sharing their faith. Let us continue to pray for the many Christians around the world who are progressing in the faith. And let us also pray for the "hard" places in the world...

One-on-one caring conversations

The following picture shows what sharing the Gospel is about: A one-on-one caring conversation where we share how to get to know God personally.

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