Jeder kann jemanden erreichen!
Gemeinsam erreichen wir die Welt!

Is invited to reach 5 people.

Share the Gospel with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members. Please respect the corona guidelines of your government concerning social distancing. You can offer prayer, care for people, meet their needs, and share your faith on social media, phone, email, and where possible in a personal conversation. Your testimony can change a life forever!

MY 5

Pray: "Lord, lead me to five people for whom I can daily pray and then create opportunities for me to share with them the good news of Christ."


Pray for 5 people and reach them with the Gospel.

WRITE down the names of five people who need Jesus. (e.g. students, neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members)

PRAY for them every day.

LOOK for opportunities to share Jesus with them. When we pray, God moves!

Can do various evangelistic activities.

Go to the streets to do evangelistic outreaches or share the Gospel one on one. In times of social distancing, you can share the Gospel online, do evangelistic live streams, and small group meetings. You can also offer online courses about faith, send a series of emails encouraging people, share the Good News on social media, and help people. Do whatever is fitting to your situation. Share Christ amid the crisis.

ONE A DAY IN MAY – Share the Gospel with someone every day

Christians can be part of the GO MONTH challenge: Share the Gospel every day with someone and follow up with those who are receptive or decide to follow Christ.

Share your testimonies on social media using the hashtag #gomonth

Everyone can reach someone.
Together we can reach the world!

Imagine the impact of millions of believers praying, caring, sharing, and discipling new believers during the month of May. The GO MONTH is a catalytic movement for an evangelistic and disciple-making lifestyle that helps churches grow and reach the world with the Gospel.

What happens after GO Month?

GO Month serves as a catalytic momentum. However, the Gospel needs to be shared all the time. Continue to share hope during 90 Days of Hope from May 30 - Aug 28.





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