intensive prayer and evangelism in may

We focus on evangelistic activity every year during May. Whether you are a pastor of a church, part of a team, or on your own, GO Month is about making yourself available to God to share the Gospel with others. Let’s impact our society to create a catalytic momentum for prayer and evangelism.

Prayer Is Being Prioritized.

Believers Are Being Mobilized.

Unity Is Being Maximized.

The World Is Being Gospelized

GO Train – Training Day

Training Day, Last Saturday in April.

Join this online training session to learn how to share the Gospel personally. These sessions are for those who feel unable or not sure about how to share Gospel. You will receive training form established evangelism coaches share their insights and knowledge in different sessions. We invite every church and organization to train believers on how to pray for the harvest, care for the people, share the Gospel, and make disciples of new believers.

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GO Pray – Harvest Prayer

Harvest Prayer, First Friday in May.

World Prayer Together, an online prayer event invites all believers to start their GO Month with prayer for God’s harvest. Pray together with millions of believers worldwide.

We suggest that you pray together as a church on May 1st additionally.

GO Day – Outreaches

A day to tell someone about Jesus,

On the last Saturday in May, millions of Christians all over the world will share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to be part of GO DAY (Global Outreach Day) – LET’S GO!

GO Month – Challenges


Pray for one person to share the Gospel with per week in May. Write down their names, pray for them, and seek opportunities to share the Gospel with them. Challenge others to do the same. You will be able to reach 5 people in May, easily. (Optional: Increase the number you want to reach per week; 1/2/3/…)

ONE A DAY in May

Reach someone every day during GO Month. Embrace the challenge and start every day with prayer. Make yourself available to God and pray that he will use you to bring the Good News to people. Then, seek opportunities to share the Gospel. Choose a partner and nominate others to take the challenge as well. You will be able to reach 31 people within May.

Cecilia gave her a water bottle, then said: This Water satisfies your physical thirst, but Jesus Christ satisfies the thirst of your soul.

Wanda began to cry. Her employer has falsely accused Wanda of theft. Her daughter and partner abandoned her. She has lost her hope and wanted to end her life. At the bridge, she met Cecilia, who told her about Jesus. Instead of jumping off the bridge, she jumped into the wide-open arms of a loving God who gave her hope again. She follows the Lord and is part of a local church.

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Steve Douglass

Steve Douglass

President Emeritus CRU

”God is causing a crescendo in his movement on earth we have the incredible privilege of being a part of it“

Bishop Efraim Tendero

Bishop Efraim Tendero

Former President WEA

”I appeal to everyone, that we share the good news of salvation.“

Werner Nachtigal

Werner Nachtigal

President GO Movement

„The Gospel is the greatest message ever! We will flood the world with the love of God.“

Will you join us on in May?

GO Month is an easy way share your faith, especially if you never did it before.

If you want to get reminded, hit join and choose Activity + GO Month in the form. We will send you everything you need.

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